Thursday, May 28, 2015

Flying Around the World!

So, we’re going on a trip around the world! Captain Jack has been planning this adventure for months, if not years. Our destinations are mostly a function of how far we can get on a plane load of fuel, with a few quick refueling (“technical”) stops. And, there is a prize for this endeavor; Jack will get a Circumnavigator Diploma.

We will be traveling with three other pilot-husband couples. Josh and Becky Marvil will be with us for the whole trip, Guiseppe and Jamie Caltabiano will be with us the first third and Jerry and Madelyn Seckler for the last third.

The plan is to travel light, have lots of books loaded on our devices, take some pictures, share some stories, and enjoy the adventure. We leave Austin on June 15 and plan to land in Jackson, WY on July 12.

More to follow as I figure out how to BLOG! Please ask questions and I’ll do my best to answer!

Our Plane

Here is a video of the interior of the plane.

The route of our trip will be roughly as follows...

First third

Middle Third

Last Third