Monday, June 15, 2015

We're on Our Way

June 15, 2015

Today was all about flying and was one of our longest days in the air on the whole trip. We were airborne at 6:50 and landed in Portland, Maine at 6.5 hours later. Becky Marvil joined the party and brought us our lunch. (Thanks!) We also took the time to replace a burned our lightbulb for a landing gear indicator. Then, another four hours to St. John's, Newfoundland. It was smooth flying the whole way and Jack got to spend time as a passenger in his own plane.

Leaving Austin

N575PC is ready!

Three pilots, lots of redundancy!

Jack as a passenger

Josh and Becky Marvil, Jamie and Giuseppe Caltabiano, Carolyn and Jack Long

Our logo! Thanks, Giuseppe!

Landing at the eastern most edge of North American