Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Exploring Bodrum

June 23 - Becky and I met early to look for birds near our hotel in Torba. There’s not much to see this time of year – a couple of swallow species, Eurasian collared doves, masked shrike, Eurasian jay, great tit and coal tit. But, we enjoyed exploring and saw some interesting flowers. Mid-morning, we went into Bodrum to see the castle and the guys went out to the airport to get the plane ready for another early start tomorrow.

White gaura - a TEXAS native wildflower

These are flowers from a caper plant

Some type of St. John's Wort

Bodrum castle was built as a crusaders outpost and has been "remodeled" by various victors over the years 

The harbor at Bodrum, Turkey

The castle also includes a substantial underwater archaeology museum. These  are ampoules.

Bodrum harbor from the Snake Tower

Olive oil with red peppercorns and oregano

Lamb chops!

Last happy hour in Turkey