Sunday, June 28, 2015

Sri Lanka - and a CONFESSION

First know, I'll take warm and humid over HOT any day! You could barely keep your eyes open in Oman, it was so hot. It was deserted, too - no one out on the streets, which was probably due as much to Ramadan as the heat.

Today we got to SLEEP LATE - a luxury on this trip. Jack and I decided to explore on foot, with my trusty CityMaps2Go app. We easily found City Hall (looks like the U.S. White House) and Cinnamon Park. Shops along the way were closed since it was Sunday. The park was nice enough, with lots of people and many workers sweeping and raking, but it maintained that slightly grubby mildewed third world vibe, nonetheless. The fountains were turned off for maintenance.

We stumbled upon a "local food" festival, sponsored in part by USAID. We didn't partake of anything, following the advice of our Austin Travel Clinic, but we appreciated the event which included Michael Jackson music over loudspeakers.

We checked out the National Museum - mostly under much needed renovation with hopefully will include air conditioning. But it was interesting to compare this country's architectural detritus... columns, capitals, reliefs, and sculptures made from sandstone in the same years that Romans were building Ephesus out of marble.

We were headed to the small lake near our hotel when we fell for the crazy "let me hail you a cab" scam... My fault for trusting the well dressed, English speaking, clean cut guy. If I had not pulled out my map the tuk-tuk driver would have taken us even further. (And no, all the streets are not one-way!!) So that put a damper on our afternoon. I'd like to think I just put his kid through school or something equally positive, but it pissed us off none-the-less.

Our dinner at The Lagoon at the Cinnamon Grand Hotel ensured our evening ended on a bright spot.

The Colombo City hall looks like The White House from one side

And the City Hall looks like the US Capitol building from the other side
One way to keep the grass trimmed in Cinnamon Park

We stumbled upon a local food festival in Cinnamon park

Interesting reliefs - since we couldn't take pictures of Buddha statues which are everywhere else.